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MTC Series Pin and Socket Contacts
Thermocouple Contacts For MTC Connectors
Precision CNC Machined

MTC Series Pin  and Socket Contacts : Thermocouple Contacts
For MTC Connectors<br> Precision CNC Machined

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  Crimp-Type Attachment
  Contacts Are Color-Coded
  High Performance Design
  Removeable Crimp Contacts
  Use with 20-24 AWG Stranded Wire
  Pins and Sockets are Intermateable with MIL-C-26500 Connectors
  Accessories Available

OMEGA® push-in crimp style contacts are manufactured from thermocouple alloy materials and are generically color-coded for easy identification. Contacts are crimpterminated outside the connector assembly and inserted into the appropriate cavity by means of an insertion tool. They can be readily removed from the connector assembly using a special removal tool. Sealing plugs are available to seal unused positions in lieu of pin or socket.

 Part Number Price Description
 {Divider}   $   Thermocouple Pins and Sockets fro Multipin Connectors
 {Divider}   $   J Thermocouple Iron (+)/Constantan (-)
 MTC-IR-P   $15.00  Male pin, Iron (+)
 MTC-IR-S   $25.00  Female socket, Iron (+)
 MTC-CO-P   $25.00  Male pin, Constantan (-)
 MTC-CO-S   $25.00  Female socket, Constantan (-)
 {Divider}   $   T Thermocouple Copper (+)/Constantan (-)
 MTC-CU-P   $20.00  Male pin, Copper (+)
 MTC-CU-S   $20.00  Female socket, Copper (+)
 MTC-CO-P   $25.00  Male pin, Constantan (-)
 MTC-CO-S   $25.00  Female socket, Constantan (-)
 {Divider}   $   K Thermocouple CHROMEGA® (+)/ALOMEGA® (-)
 MTC-CH-P   $17.00  Male pin, Chromega (+)
 MTC-CH-S   $25.00  Female socket, Chromega (+)
 MTC-AL-P   $17.00  Male pins, Alomega (-)
 MTC-AL-S   $25.00  Female socket, Alomega (-)
 {Divider}   $   E Thermocouple CHROMEGA® (+)/Constantan (-)
 MTC-CH-P   $17.00  Male pin, Chromega (+)
 MTC-CH-S   $25.00  Female socket, Chromega (+)
 MTC-CO-P   $25.00  Male pin, Constantan (-)
 MTC-CO-S   $25.00  Female socket, Constantan (-)
 {Divider}   $   N Thermocouple OMEGA-P® (+)/OMEGA-N® (-)
 MTC-OP-P   $20.00  Male pin, OMEGA-P® (+)
 MTC-OP-S   $25.00  Female Socket, OMEGA-P® (+)
 MTC-ON-P   $20.00  Male pin, OMEGA-N® (-)
 MTC-ON-S   $25.00  Female Socket, OMEGA-N® (-)
 {Divider}   $   Uncompensated Gold-Plated Pin/Socket
 MTC-AU-P-A   $0.90  Male pin, uncompensated Gold-plated
 MTC-AU-S   $1.25  Female socket, uncompensated Gold-plated
 {Divider}   $   Assembly Tools
 MTC-IT   $52.00  Insertion tool
 MTC-RT   $62.00  Removal tool
 MTC-CT   $395.00  Heavy duty crimping tool
 MTC-HP   $0.50  Sealing plug for unused positions
 Note: Contacts and connector bodies are sold separately. Backshell cable clamps provide effective support for the cable at the male or female connector and prevent twisting and pulling.
 Ordering Example: (1) MTC-12-MC in line male cord connector with 12 cavities, (1) MTC-12-SHL backshell cable clamp, (6) MTC-IR-P male Iron (+) pins, (6) MTC-CO-P male Constantan (-) pins make up a complete male connector for 6 Type J thermocouples = $361

(1) (2)
MTC- -
Option Descriptions
(1) Number of Cavities
  Select 5 for 5 Cavities, 12 for 12 Cavities, 24 for 24 Cavities, 41 for 41 Cavities, 55 for 55 cavities
(2) Connector Body
  Select MC for Male in-line cord connector, FC for Female in-line cord connector, FF for Female flange mount , SHL for Backshell cable clamp
 NOTE: Not all combinations are valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.

   Download complete Product Specifications in PDF format.
 Product Manual
   Download  MTC SERIES - MTC SERIES Multi-Pin Thermocouple Connectors
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